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Price of Homes in Naples Florida

Location, Location, Location

For home prices in Naples Florida, the adage of location, location, location, could not be more true. The closer to the Gulf of Mexico, the greater the land's, meaning the greater the home's value. The further west you reside, the more you are central to the things that encompasses the Naples lifestyle. Whether it is a single family home or a condo, the land it sits on is an important factor to its overall price.

The value of land within communities away from the Gulf of Mexico can also be very high when loaded with upscale amenities. But, just a little ways from the beach, values can begin to decrease rapidly. The value of land is determined by its general location within Naples, the desirability of a particular community it is located in, and if it is in a good location within that community. That provides the total value of that land.


Value of the Land


Three key components help determine the value of that house or condo:

  • Overall Naples Location - Closer to the Gulf, beaches, Olde Naples or with boat access, or to the Naples lifestyle, then the higher the value. (See more below)
  • Overall Value of the Neighborhood or Community - The values within an upscale gated community miles from the Gulf, can be much higher than in older single family home neighborhood just minutes from the Gulf. The type and extent of amenities offered plays a large part in the overall value of the community.
  • Value within the Community - Within a community you could have a home with expansive lake or golf course view, or the same home against a boundary fence just yards away from major highway noise. Views for single family homes and condos can add or subtract value. A view from a high-rise condo building facing the ocean, carries more value than a condo within the same building without an ocean view.

You could buy a $500,000 home where the land it sits on is worth little, in which case the $500,000 buys a very nice spacious home. Or you could spend a $500,000 home, where the building is inhabitable. When looking at the total purchase price of a home, the value of the lot could represent 100% of the purchase price, or represent very little.

Overall Naples Location

Naples Location MapNo matter where you live in Naples you are never more than a couple of minutes from grocery shopping or services. There are grocery chains at nearly every major intersections along with other retail and services. But the major shopping districts with national retailers along with a wide assortment of dining and boutique services are concentrated in certain areas.

Referring to the map at right, if you are in location 1, then you are in Olde Naples and convenient to everything Olde Naples has to offer. You can walk to the beach, dining, shopping and much more. But when you need to fill up on basic supplies and groceries, then you are driving north. 

If you live at location 2, then you are right on the beach and can drive either north, south or east, to take care of your daily shopping and dining needs. Within a 10 minute drive you are within 90% of the shopping and dining areas you would most likely be using on a regular basis.

If you are in location 3 then prices are a little less, but you are not far from everything that makes Naples enjoyable. You would find shopping and dining close by in any direction, and be very happy with the location.

If you are at location 4, then your are driving south to take part in what Naples has to offer.

If you are at location 5 then you are out in the country in the Golden Gate Estates area. From there you will always be driving towards the east. But you will also own an acre or more of land at a low price.

If you live by location 6, then you will find yourself driving north to get to major shopping and dining areas on a pretty regular basis.

If you want to go out to restaurants most evenings, and spend your days shopping then you will want to be closer to the major shopping, dining and the heart of things. If you want to go for a walk on the beach each morning you will want to be near the beach. If you mostly want to enjoy the amenities within your own community, and only have a need to visit Naples major shopping and/or dining district on occasion, then you are going to the enjoy values and the newness offered outside the very heart of things. 

Home Price Drivers

Unlike most housing markets in the country, Naples home prices are driven by second home buyers, not by what local workers can afford.  The Naples workforce is mostly with the building, and service industries and public sectors.

As with any housing market in the country, local workers buy what their wages can afford. They will be living mostly in the least expensive areas.

Naples housing expansion is not driven by a local high school or college grad, that gets a job and buys their first home. Sure, there is some of that, but it is the second home buyer that drives the expansion. New second home buyers are either planning ahead for retirement, or are retired. This segment of the US population is the most affluent in both earnings and assets. For many years to come this segment will be the baby-boom group (see market overview)


Every year there is a new infusion of home buyers into Naples from all areas of the country, as well as foreign buyers. As more and more baby-boomers approach retirement years, that number of new buyers each year will grow over time. Based on the overall economic health of the country, the number of new baby-boom buyers can rise or fall for any particular year, but over time that number will continue to grow. As that group grows, then the local workforce will need to grow, to support the housing and service needs.


Naples Home Price Summary


What to Expect


Less $100,000

This is the lowest priced housing in the area. Most the availability is in former apartment buildings converted to condos. These exist throughout the area and can be as close as 15 minutes to the beach or Olde Naples. Or 45 minute away. There will be a community pools but not much more for amenities. Many will not have covered parking,  no gates. Same weather as the rest of the area. Learn more about affordable Naples.

On the Beach

For a single family home in Naples on the beach, the lot is probably in the $5 million plus range, plus the structure that sits on it. Prices exceed $20,000,000 for the package.

The most affordable condos on the beach will be in the $500,000 and 1,200 sq. ft range. Most likely without a beach view. The high side would be in the $5 million plus range with 4,000 sq. ft. or more. In the $1,000,000 range you start to find condos with a nice view of the Gulf and 1,400 sq. ft. or larger.

Walk to Beach

For single family home within a 5 minute walk it will be in the low millions. For a small, older condo, prices would start in the $500,000 range

For a 30 minute walk you could find single family homes in the Naples Park area with prices in the $300 for the smaller and older built homes. Or that area can also has homes over the $1,000,000 range. The values of the lots are more or less the same, just what sits on top that differs in price.

Olde Naples

A small lot in the Olde Naples area will start in $800s range, plus the value of the structure on it can range from $0 to many millions.

In the $300s you can start to find 1 bedroom condos built in the 60's within walking distance to Olde Naples. For $1,000,000 you can start to find newer 3 bedroom condos.

Golf Community

A condo in a community with golf privileges will start in the mid $100s for a nice golf course. For upper $200s you can have a larger condo on a championship golf course, great amenities, with great view.

Single family homes can range from $400,000 to millions depending on the age and the quality of the community.

Nice Condo, Location, View,  and Amenities

In the upper $100s you can start to find 2 bedroom condos with nice views, location and amenities.. As you move up in price you get either larger, or newer, or nicer amenities or a combination.

Condos in upscale communities within the heart of the Naples area can be in excess of $1 million.

Single Family Homes

Single family homes within a community governed by a homeowners association, can start in the upper $300s. Generally these will within a 30 minutes drive from the beach, the home will be small and the community will have only basic amenities. As you move up in price you get either larger, or newer, or better location or nicer amenities or a combination.

Single Family homes in upscale communities within the heart of the Naples area can be in excess of $3 million.