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Communities and Neighborhoods in Naples Florida

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Overview of Naples Florida Communities

The Naples real estate market include traditional Florida single family home neighborhoods, high rise communities, golf communities, homes on acreage (Golden Gate Estates),and many more types (see quick example). The area consists of over 1,000 separate neighborhoods and communities.

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Most residents of Naples live within either a homeowners association or a condo association. If you are thinking about buying in Naples, you should have an understanding on how these associations are controlled, organized and managed.

 Review Community Basics

Much of the Naples Florida area is comprised of gated developments. Neighborhoods not within an association or a gated community. are usually the older single family home neighborhoods, built in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and are located on traditional system of North-South and East-West streets

Naples Florida Gated Communities


Naples Communities Location by Type

Community Types

Naples, as a second home buyers destination, has a wide range of housing choices, including beach communities, boating communities, golf course communities, no-frill communities, lots of frills communities, single family home communities, condo communities and so on.


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Beach Chair ImageNaples Beach Communities

There are sections of single family homes on the beach, and sections of condos on the beach. Properties can be on the beach or just a short walk to the beach. This is some of the most expensive property in the Naples area. Pelican Bay, a community that borders the beach has two private beach clubs for its residents.  


Golfer ImageGolf Communities

Many Naples communities have a golf course within. But just because you live within a community that has a golf course, doesn't mean you have any connection with it. They are private clubs, and to play you need to join. In some communities, such as Naples "bundled" golf communities, every owner within is a member to the club.


boat imageBoating Communities

Homes on bays or cannels, with gulf access also represent some of the most expensive properties in Naples. Their value is determined on the location, and then the value of the building. Some of the owners in condo buildings that are located on bays also have boat docks.


Estate Home PhotoEstate Home Communities

There are several estate home communities away from the beach and bays. These are very lush and upscale areas. These homes while expensive, would have a much lower value than a similar home on the beach or bays.


Dollar Sign Image Affordable Communities

The most affordable single family home and condo communities would be a distance away from the beach if newer. If they are located within a couple of miles to the beach, then they would have been built as modest homes in the 1970s or 1980s. Most of the more affordable communities would have a high percentage of local workforce residents.


Icon of a Camera Other Featured Communities

A wide assortment of different communities have been chosen for the spotlight. Go here to get a better feel for the vast variety of communities in the Naples Florida area.