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Naples Florida Realtor Tom Doyle

Choosing a Naples Florida Realtor


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If I was looking to connect with a Realtor, I would do the same as you. Search online and try to find a Realtor that is knowledgeable, has a deep set of experiences, and is looking out for your best interest. I differentiate myself from other Naples real estate agents in many ways:

  • My background includes finance, negotiations and planning.
  • I have a deep understanding of the Naples Real Estate market dynamics.
  • I know the value of a property based on selling trends and facts; not dreams.
  • I do not put the value of a commission check above what is best for my buyers.
  • I have a list of great list of resources that you will need as part of the purchasing, closing and settling in process.

As a Naples Florida Realtor I can definitely help you. I know the areas, market trends and dynamics, along with tradeoffs between communities. I know the financial information and implications, related to real estate transactions. My objective is to assist my customers in making informed choices within their goals.

Why I Choose Naples

  • The weather.
  • People are happy, friendly and engaging (i.e. glad to be here).  
  • Noticeably an upscale area, very much differentiated from other beach communities.
  • Wide selection of outdoor activities - boating, fishing, golfing, beach, etc. etc.   
  • Many evening activities to choose from.
  • Very scenic, abundant wildlife and many preserve areas.


I grew up in the Midwest and attended college in Ohio. After college, I was a CPA for 12 years; half of those years spent practicing with a national firm in Minneapolis. I then transitioned out of CPA services to developing business, marketing and strategic plans for both large companies (such as Wells Fargo Bank) and small companies (such as new business ventures) around the country.

My professional career has been based on assisting clients and customers with making intelligent choices.


How Did I End Up in Naples?

For business and vacation purposes, I've spent significant amounts of time in various parts of the country. My trips to Florida left me with the impression that it was a enjoyable place to visit. It wasn't until I had a chance to spend a month in Naples, that I realize how truly great the area was: nice weather, nice people and a great choice of activities.  I have lived in seven different locations throughout Naples, so I have first hand knowledge of all the pluses by location. I am convinced it's one of the nicest places to live or own a second home.