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Golden Gate Estates 

Golden Gate Estates History

A developer in the 1960s had the ambitious plans to create the world's largest subdivision, and he did it by converting 80 square miles of swamplands. Do you want to buy some swampland? Yes, that is how that old adage came about. The developer dredged miles of cannels through the wet lands, allowing standing waters to funnel and flow to the Gulf of Mexico. Home lots in Golden Gate Estates were originally plotted to be at least an acre in size, with many being much larger. In later years, Collier County mandated that a plot of land in that area could not be subdivided into less than than 2.5 acres

Many of the original owners made land purchases sight unseen, through the developer's telemarketing efforts. The developer eventually went belly-up, and home building of any significance did not start until the late 1970s.

Golden Gate Estates Area

Photo of Golden Gate Estates

Golden Gate Estates Today

Living in Golden Gate Estates is large-lot, rural living. Homes are on well water and septic systems. Streets do not have curbs, sidewalks or streetlights. Residents in Golden Gate Estates can pretty much do their own thing as there is not an homeowners association governing things. If you want a mansion, a barn, a couple of goats, or a dump truck park on the property - go for it.

A home's location in Golden Gate Estates might be an hours drive to Olde Naples. That is how vast it is, yet it still has a Naples Florida mailing address. The eastern edge of Golden Gate Estates can be miles from gas stations, stores and other services. And plans are for it to remain that way.

The very western edges are close to everything. The further west the property is located in Golden Gate Estates, the more valuable it is. The further east, or remote, then not so valuable. The western sections of Golden Gate Estates would have fewer vacant lots. The eastern sections would have many vacant lots. Some streets in the eastern sections of Golden Gate Estates might have only a couple of homes on it. 

Golden Gate Estates Home Photo 

Residents in Golden Gate Estates consists primarily of the local workforce. If you have a light budget and need a single family home, just keep driving east in Golden Gate Estates until you reach the distance where they are affordable. Second home owners make up a small percentage of the owners. These would be second home owners that want the great Naples weather, and also value the benefits of large-lot rural living. The trade-off is the same, if the budget can not afford a home at the western edges of Golden Gate Estates, then keep driving east until it becomes affordable.

Values in Golden Gate Estates

Similar to all of Naples, the value of property in Golden Gate Estates depends significantly on its location. The further west the greater the value. But in addition, a lot in Golden Gate Estates could be wet or dry. If it sits lower by a few feet it could be mostly wetlands, or it sits higher by a few feet it could be dry. A lot that is mostly wetlands would have standing water on it for much of the summer months. In that case, an owner would need to haul in tons of fill (rock) to raise the driveway and home site. This would keep the home above standing water during the rainy season. An owner with a lot that is mostly or completely dry, could have full use of the property throughout the year. Swimming pools, tennis courts, work shed, tropically landscaping or whatever. And would need little fill to build.

Values in Golden Gates Estates rose and fell along with the rest of the Naples area. Lot values in the western sections of Golden Gate Estate were at higher values than eastern section. Lot values in the eastern sections are lower but rose and fell along with the other sections.

Average Selling Price per Acre by Year

Western Golden Gate Estates vs. Eastern Golden Gate Estates


Golden Gate Estates Home Values

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