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Naples Florida Hurricane Information

The official hurricane season in the Atlantic basin runs from June 1 to November 30. But historically the main season for hurricanes would be in the August/Sept time frame.

Naples Florida does not have a lot of experience with hurricanes. Most of it would be with the rain storms that a hurricane can generate hundreds of miles from the center or with high winds from those passing nearby in the gulf. In 2005 hurricane Wilma hit the Naples area, the first in over 45 years.

The International Hurricane Research Center ranks the Naples area low on its hurricane vulnerability list. Reasons include superior home and building constructions, and lack of hurricane frequency. In 2005 hurricane Wilma hit the Naples area, the first in over 45 years.

Hurricane Evacuations

For Naples, a hurricane evacuation would only apply to a small group of residents. A major hurricanes has the potential to cause a storm surge. Which means if you live below sea level, or slightly above, you need to get out of the way. A major hurricane also has strong winds, which means if you live in an older trailer home or old unstable wood frame homes, then you should leave. For the other 95% of Naples residents this basically means you stay where you are if a major hurricane was to hit.

If a hurricane was to hit, there would be a good chance that certain areas would be without power for hours or days. Most of Naples residents live within areas that have buried power lines. So it is just a matter of repairing the main lines for them. In older neighborhoods with telephone poles, repair crews might have to go house to house to repair. That is why officials recommend a 5 day supply of food and water. 

Hurricane Forecasts

Pre-season hurricane forecast by experts are usually less than accurate. In 2006 they were projecting 4 to 6 major hurricanes. There were no major hurricanes in 2006, and the forecasters then said it was because of the El Nino. It seems the experts did not know that El Nino could impact hurricane creation.

In 2007 the hurricane experts at Colorado State University predicted 5 major hurricanes. Turns out there were none. Maybe they are better at predicting snow.

Florida Hurricane History

While the risk of hurricanes is real, a serious hurricane, category 3 or greater, hitting the State of Florida has averaged less than one in every four years. Significant winds can reach 50 miles from the eye of the storm, so with over 1.000 miles of coastline, the chance of a hurricane in any given year, having an impact on any particular coastal city is quite remote.

Naples Hurricane History


Naples Florida Hurricanes - Year 2008

Tropical Storms - no hurricanes

Naples Florida Hurricanes - Year 2007


Naples Florida Hurricanes - Year 2006


Naples Florida Hurricanes - Year 2005

Hurricane Wilma hit Naples as a category 3 Hurricane on October 24, 2005. The first major hurricane to hit the Naples area in over 40 years. Most of the Naples area has been built under strict hurricane building codes. So little damage to structures, but some trees were down from strong winds.

Naples Florida Hurricanes - Year 2004

Hurricane Charlie made landfall 50 miles North of Naples, winds and moderate rains for the Naples area.

Naples Florida Hurricanes - Year 2003


Naples Florida Hurricanes - Year 2002


Naples Florida Hurricanes - Year 2001


Naples Florida Hurricanes - Year 2000


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