The Best Pizza in Naples

Find out where to get authentic pizza in Naples, by district

The Best Pizza in Naples

Let's be honest: it's unlikely that you'll eat a bad pizza in Naples. In this birthplace of the world's most beloved fast food, the quality of most pizzerias varies from good to unforgettable. Though opinions may be subjective and based on personal preferences (and long-standing loyalties), the consensus is that delicious pizza in Naples is easy to come by.

Keeping this in mind, there's really no need to wait in line for hours to sample a pie from the most famous and recognizable pizzerias when you can enjoy an equally memorable pizza without having to wait just steps away.

Here is our insider's guide to some of our favorite pizzerias in Naples, divided by neighborhood:

Tip: most historic pizzerias in Naples do not take reservations. If there isn't a table available when you arrive, leave your name at the entrance and wait outside to be called. Generally service is quick, and it is considered good form to free up your table as soon as you are finished eating for other diners.

Centro Storico (Historic Center)

Pizzerias in the historic center specialize in a style of pizza known as the “ruota di carro”, or "wagonwheel": very large, with the crust that hangs over the edge of the plate. These are the most popular pizzerias in the city, with low prices (often less than EUR 5 for a pizza) and no-nonsense service and décor.

These are the most famous pizzerias in the historic center of Naples:
  • Da Michele a Forcella - This historic pizzeria in the heart of Naples only makes two kinds of pizza: marinara and margherita. You can reserve a table for lunch or dinner by calling +39 081 5539204 in the morning or afternoon.

  • Da Matteo - Be sure to also try their fried treats, including frittata di pasta.

  • Da Sorbillo - One of the most popular pizzerias in the city, beloved for its creative "pizzaiolo" who is always introducing new toppings. Be prepared for to wait for a table.

Along Via dei Tribunali and the nearby sidestreets, the pizzerias Dal Presidente, la Figlia del Presidente, Vesi, and Attanasio are also excellent alternatives.

Near the Train Station

  • La Masardona - Located in the “Case Nuove” neighborhood (where Elena Ferrante's famous Neapolitan books were set), this pizzeria is specialized in pizza fritta (fried pizza) and also has a restaurant in Piazza Vittoria near the Lungomare Caracciolo seaside promenade.

You can also try the Pellone and Carmenella pizzerias in this area.


  • Concettina Ai tre Santi di Ciro Oliva -This pizzeria is known for its young and dynamic pizzaiolo who inherited this family-founded pizzeria and took it into the 21st century with an updated décor and toppings.

Via Toledo

If you are strolling down busy Via Toledo, turn the corner onto Vicolo della Pignasecca, a picturesque Neapolitan lane lined with fishmongers and old-school butchers known as “‘’o per e ‘o muss” (pork feet and snout). Here you can try:

  • Da Attilo - A historic pizzeria known for its Pizza Romana (with Parmigiana Reggiano and Pecorino cheese).

  • Al 22 - A Neapolitan classic that is both pizzeria and restaurant.

Seafront Promenade and Chiaia

Since busy Via Caracciolo closed to traffic, a number of excellent pizzerias have opened up. In Piazza Vittoria, you can choose the seafront outposts of Sorbillo and Masardona.

Heading toward Mergellina, you'll find what is considered one of the best pizzerias in Italy in Piazza San Nazzaro.

  • ’50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo - As opposed to the traditional pizzerias in the Centro Storico, this spot has elegant décor and attentive service. Choose a traditional pizza or a gourmet version, all made according to the highest standards with impeccable pizza dough. You can also choose among a number of artisan beers.

We could go on forever with our list of top pizzerias in Naples, but for now we'll leave you with these favorites… Buon appetito!