How to get to Naples Italy

Reaching Naples is simple! The easiest way to get to the city is by high-speed train and routes run to Rome and many other major Italian transport hubs. Naples' main train station is called Napoli Centrale and both Trenitalia (Italy's national rail company) and private Italo trains arrive and depart here. Those coming to Naples from overseas will probably opt to fly into the Capodichino International Airport, the city's main airport where a number of direct international flights arrive and depart daily. Naples is also easy to reach by car; highway A1, also known as the Autostrada del Sole that runs the entire length of Italy north to south, passes through the city.

How to get to Naples by Train

The fastest and easiest way to reach Naples by train is via a high-speed Trenitalia or Italo train. The two train companies are very similar, so choose a train based on your schedule and budget.

It takes about four hours to reach Naples from Milan, three hours to reach Naples from Florence, and just over an hour to arrive from Rome.

You can find discounted tickets if you book in advance, but they generally cannot be changed or refunded so if you miss your train or travel plans change, you will not be reimbursed. We recommend taking that into consideration when booking, especially if you are catching the train after connecting from another train or flight that may be delayed. Regardless, you can always buy tickets at the station or online via the train company's app or website up until a few minutes before departure. Numerous trains arrive each hour in Naples, so you shouldn't have a problem finding a seat.

High-speed trains to Naples arrive in the Napoli Centrale station. On the lower level of this station, called Napoli Piazza Garibaldi, Circumvesuviana trains running between Naples and Sorrento arrive and depart; metro lines 1 and 2 also have stops on the lower level. How to get to Sorrento from Naples.

In contrast to a few years ago, the Naples train station is safe and guarded by security officers 24 hours a day. You should have no issues with safety inside the station, but should be cautious in the surrounding neighborhood late at night.

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How to Get to Naples by Train from the Rome Aiport

Many international flights land at the Rome Fiumicino Aiport. From here, you can take the Leonardo Express airport train that takes 30 minutes to reach the main Rome Termini train station located in the city center. At Rome Termini, connect to a high-speed train to Naples. The entire trip from the Fiumicino airport to the Naples via train will take about three hours.

A number of budget airlines land at the Rome Ciampino airport; from here you can take an airport shuttle bus to the Rome Termini train station and connect to Naples via high-speed train.

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You can also take a Fiumicino Express bus bus directly from the Rome Fiumicino airport to downtown Naples near the train station.

How to Get to Naples by Train from Florence

High-speed trains to Naples depart from the Santa Maria Novella station in central Florence and take about three hours to make the trip.

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How to get to Naples by Plane

The Napoli Capodichino airport is less than 30 minutes''' from the city center and there are direct flights to major European cities and New York. Alitalia and Lufthansa operate routes out of Naples that connect to destinations across the globe.

From the Naples airport you can reach the city center by taxi (fares are around EUR 20) or with the Alibus.
You can reach Sorrento from the Naples airport via the Curreri Bus.

If you are flying into Rome, you can take a high-speed train directly to Naples.

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How to get to Naples by Car

You can drive to Naples easily by following the A1 motorway, though driving in the city itself and finding parking can be daunting. We suggest leaving your car in one of the outlying parking lots and garages near the exits for the motorway and beltway around the city, and take public transportation into the city center.

The least expensive parking lots and garages:
  • Parcheggio Brin: located at the motorway exit along Via Marina. From here, take tram n. 4 or one of the buses to the city center. Daily rate: EUR 8.

  • Policlinico: located at the beltway (tangenziale) exit near the Policlinico stop along metro line 1. Daily rate: EUR 6.

  • Colli Aminei: located at the beltway (tangenziale) exit near a metro line 1 stop.

How to Get to Naples from Capri

Ferries run between Naples and Capri all year round, departing from Marina Grande on Capri and arriving either at Molo Beverello (hydrofoils) or Calata Porta di Massa (regular ferries) piers in Naples. Molo Beverello is located in Piazza Municipio in the city center while Porta di Massa is located closer to the train station. There are taxis and Alibus airport shuttles that connect the Naples Capodichino airport with the city center at both piers.

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How to Get to Naples from Sorrento

There are a number of ways to reach Naples from Sorrento:

For a completely flexible and stress-free trip, book a private transfer from Sorrento to Naples.

How to Get to Naples from Positano and Amalfi

It's not easy to reach Naples from the towns along the Amalfi Coast, since there are just a few buses that depart from Amalfi and ferries from Positano only run during the summer high season.

Here are your options:

The easiest way to reach Naples from the towns on the Amalfi Coast, especially if you are traveling with luggage, is booking a private transfer from Positano to Naples.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How do I get from Naples airport to city Centre?

If you're flying into Naples, you'll likely want to get to the city center as quickly and efficiently as possible. Fortunately, there are a few different options for getting from the airport to downtown. The most popular option is to take a taxi. There are always taxis available at the airport, and the ride into town takes about 30 minutes. The fixed rate from the airport to city center is around 20 euro. Another option is to take the Alibus, an airport shuttle that runs every 20 minutes. The trip into town takes a bit longer on the Alibus, but it's much cheaper than taking a taxi. The Alibus stops at "Napoli Centrale" (the train station in Piazza Garibaldi) and at the sea-port.

Where do cruise ships dock in Naples Italy?

The cruise ships docking in Naples will dock at one at Molo Beverello. The Molo Beverello is located in the heart of the city and is within walking distance of many attractions, including the Royal Palace, Piazza del Plebiscito, and historical center. You can easily visit the Naples city center by walk.

How to get around Naples, Italy?

Naples is a beautiful and historic city, but it can be confusing to navigate if you don't know your way around. The best way to see the sights and get a feel for the city is to walk around the center. But if you're looking to save time or cover more ground, there are other options. The metro is the quickest way to get around the city. However, it can be tricky to figure out which station you need to get off at, and the signs are usually only in Italian. The bus system is cheaper than the metro, but it can be slow during rush hour. The Circumvesuviana train is a good option for getting to and from Sorrento, Herculaneum and Pompeii. And if you want to explore further afield, there are also ferries that can take you to nearby islands.
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Is Naples a good base to visit Amalfi Coast?

The city is connected to the Amalfi Coast by buses and there are many organized tours available that will take you to all the major attractions. However, consider that the trip from Naples to Amalfi takes almost two hours. If you plan to visit Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello, it is best to choose a hotel that is in or near these locations. Many travelers choose Sorrento as their base for exploring the Amalfi Coast. This town is well-connected to the Coast, both by land and by sea, and it provides a convenient starting point for exploring all that the Amalfi Coast has to offer. But Naples is a great option if you want to experience a bit more of Italian culture before heading to the touristic places on the coast.
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What to visit in Naples, Italy?

Naples is a historic city with a rich culture and heritage. Its art and architecture are some of the most beautiful in the world. Naples is also home to many interesting museums, churches, and other attractions. Visitors to Naples can explore the city's many historical landmarks including the Royal Palace, the Naples Underground or Castel dell'Ovo. They can also enjoy a variety of activities, such as taking a boat ride through the Bay of Naples. Of course, no trip to Naples would be complete without sampling some of the local cuisine. From pizza and pasta to fresh seafood, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from.
Here are 10 things to see and do in Naples, Italy