How to Reach Capri from Naples

All you need to know to travel from Naples to Capri

How to Reach Capri from Naples

Capri may be the second largest of the islands in the Bay of Naples, but it is by far the most famous and popular to visit, and is only about 20 nautical miles from the coast of Naples. To reach Capri from Naples, there are three options: the regular ferry, the hydrofoil (high-speed ferry), or a private transfer (a VIP option, but the most fun and flexible).

Getting to Capri from Naples by Ferry

The cheapest option for getting between Naples and Capri is the regular ferry, which is also the best option for those who tend to get seasick. Unfortunately, this is also the slowest way to travel between the island and mainland, taking about 80 minutes to make the crossing.

Ferries to Capri set sail from the Calata Porta di Massa port in Naples, which is located near the city center along Via Marina. Faster ferries also depart from this port, which are an option between regular ferries and hydrofoils in terms of stability, speed, and cost.

What if sea conditions are choppy?

Regular ferries are the only routes that continue to run when sea conditions are rough. They are also the only ferries that allow passengers to board vehicles.

Ferries that run between Naples and Capri have on-board restrooms, as well as unguarded luggage storage, snack bars, and indoor and outdoor seating. There are numerous ferries that depart each day, depending upon the season and sea conditions. We suggest confirming schedules shortly before departure either by checking the ferry company website or calling directly.

Updated ferry schedules from Naples to Capri

Getting to Capri from Naples by Hydrofoil

The high-speed ferry, or hydrofoil, is a faster way to travel from Naples to Capri, or vice versa. These routes take only about 40 minutes to make the crossing. That said, they are more expensive and smaller than the regular ferry, and their light weight make them more instable when sea conditions are rough (something to keep in mind if you tend to suffer from motion sickness).

Generally, passengers are not allowed to sit on the external decks on hydrofoils, and there is not always snack bar service; there are always restrooms for passengers.

Molo Beverello

High-speed hydrofoils set sail from Naples' Molo Beverello port, located in the heart of Naples near the Maschio Angioino. You can reach Molo Beverello from the Capodichino airport or Napoli Centrale train station via the 3S bus or metro line 1 towards Piscinola (get off at the Municipio station, located about 100 meters from the port). Alternatively, take a taxi, making sure to request the fixed fare for the port (about EUR 20 from Capodichino and EUR 12 from the station). A taxi is a good option if you have little time or if you are traveling with heavy bags.

All ferries, high-speed ferries, and hydrofoils dock at the Marina Grande port on Capri, where you can catch a variety of transportation options into Capri: the funicular to la Piazzetta and buses and taxis for Capri and Anacapri.

Getting to Capri from Naples by Private Transfer

The fastest and most stress-free way to get from Naples to Capri is via an all-inclusive private transfer that lets you avoid the delays and crowds of public transportation. With a private transfer, you can choose your departure time and relax on a private boat during the crossing, without the hassle of having to coordinate ferry schedules and other travel details between Naples and Capri or vice versa. Private transfers generally include pickup at the airport or train station and private car service to the port, speedboat crossing with an English-speaking skipper to Capri, and transport from Marina Grande to your island hotel, generally via a traditional open-top island taxi. The price per person is generally higher than for the public ferry, but for a large family or group of friends or fellow travelers, a private transfer is often not much more expensive than single ferry tickets.

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