Parking in Naples

The most practical and inexpensive option for parking your car in Naples is to use a parking garage or lot near the highway or beltline (tangenziale) exit.

ANM parking lots are the best option for parking in Naples, which are managed by the city's public transportation department. These lots are inexpensive and are near the major metro and bus stops.

Parcheggio Brin: on Via Marina not far from the highway exit. A number of bus lines and tram line 4 pass near here, and you can purchase tickets at the automatic ticket machine. There are about 800 parking spaces and the daily rate is EUR 8.

Colli Aminei: at the beltline (tangenziale) exit near the Colli Aminei stop on metro line 1 that connects to the city center.

Policlinico: at the beltline (tangenziale) exit near the Policlinico stop on metro line 1. The daily rate is about EUR 6.

Other conveniently central parking options are Piazza Garibaldi (next to the train station) and beneath the Maschio Angioino in Piazza Municipio. These parking options are more expensive, so best for those who are coming to Naples for a day trip and want to park downtown.

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