The Best Time of Year to Visit Naples

The best months of the year to explore Bella Napoli

  • The Best Time of Year to Visit Naples
  • The Best Time of Year to Visit Naples

Naples is a pleasant destination all year round, with mild temperatures and limited rain both in summer and winter. The best seasons to visit are spring and fall, far from the heat and crowds of summer, but even in winter the city is a delight to explore on foot. The only months that we recommend avoiding the city are July and August, when temperatures soar and it can be a chore to walk around under the unforgiving sun.

Temperatures in Naples, Italy

Naples is known for its mild climate, and temperatures rarely dip below 10 degrees during the day. It almost never snows, but you can run into wet days in October and March.

Month Maximum Minimum %
January 13 6 27%
February 14 7 28%
March 15 8 26%
April 18 10 24%
May 22 14 17%
June 16 18 12%
July 29 20 8%
August 30 21 9%
September 27 18 22%
October 23 15 27%
November 19 10 32%
December 12 7 30%

May is the best month to visit Naples. In addition to mild weather, there are a number of interesting annual events held in the city each May, including Il maggio dei monumenti (Monumental May), during which a number of historic city monuments and landmarks are open to the public. You can also enjoy Capri and the Amalfi Coast in May by spending a few days in the city and a few along the coastline and islands.

We also recommend April, June, September, and October if you want to pair a visit to Naples with trips along the Amalfi Coast and islands in the Bay of Naples. During the winter, it's best to concentrate your visit on the city of Naples.

There are no true "dead periods" for the city of Naples; even in the traditional holiday month of August, restaurants, cafés, and museums remain open.

Can I swim in Naples in the summer?

Many travelers want to know if Naples has beaches and is recommended for swimming. To be honest, there are a number of beaches in Naples, but for cleaner water, it's best to head to the Sorrentine Peninsula or Amalfi Coast. The best beach in Naples is located beneath the Palazzo Donn’Anna at the beginning of Via Posilippo, where there is the historic beach club “Bagno Elena”. Don't expect crystalline waters, but the beach is a pleasant spot to relax for a few hours without having to travel too far from the city center.


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